Our Solution

Nautical Foil Solutions has developed AFS28, an application that keeps your ship free of the growth of organisms. This is not just any anti-fouling solution. As our name suggests, AFS28 is a foil, a layer of film applied to the ship’s hull. Applying AFS28 can save at least 4%, but up to 8% on fuel costs.

As the name suggests, our anti-fouling solution is only to prevent the growth of the (micro)organisms that attach to the hull and can affect a vessel’s performance and durability. The AFS28 does not protect against weathering and corrosion. However, it is possible to cover the regular protective layer with AFS28, providing your ship with double protection.


An economical ship is cost effective and environmentally friendly. Our anti-fouling solution ensures a smooth hull of your boat, lowering its resistance. This will achieve a significant drop in fuel consumption.


Various tests by MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) have shown that your ship can save up to 8% of fuel through the use of our foil.


Your ship will be both economical and environmentally friendly!

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