Paint Protection

Protect Your Valuable Hull.

A hull has a lot to endure during a season. You can protect the vulnerable parts of your ship by using a transparant protective layer.


All of us have been there before: you are about to moor, but you misplace your fender. Before you know it, the first smudge or scratch is a fact. Or the second, or third. What can you do counteract this? An effective solution is putting a transparent protective layer at the most vulnerable height.

Our protective layer is also used on sports cars as gravel protection and it has a ten year warranty for its clarity. Contact us for a sample and experience the great features.

The Complete Picture

A wooden edge on your boat or a beautifully varnished deck on your yacht. The details are what make your ship your own. Isn’t that something you would want to protect? Putting eight layers of protective paint on your ship and having to repair one of those layers every year is now history.


NFS’s clear protective layer has received many astounded reactions. The layer has a ten year warranty for the clarity, assuring the layer’s deep gloss. It blocks 99% of UV radiation and protects your valuable paint from scratches.


Contact us for a sample.


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